Tom Costello

Documentary Film

I produce and direct documentary films on contemporary subjects for the major British broadcasters, including the BBC, Channel 4, VICE and others, specialising in long-form, character-led explorations of unknown worlds. I have embedded with Britain’s far-right street movements, radical Islamists, vigilantes, underground animal rights activists, narco gangs in Mexico and clandestine drug producers.I’ve made films about a builder turned legals highs kingpin; a vegan influencer who steals factory-farmed pigs for likes; punks taking on a billionaire property empire; a breakfast show host on the trail of an sextortion gang; and a group of village shopkeepers who establish their own offshore tax avoidance network.  I’ve also conducted major agenda-setting investigations into Russian money laundering in the City of London and dark money lobbying in Britain. My films have been featured in the Guardian, Times, New York Times, Daily Mail, Financial Times and others.